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Большой Мишка Тедди. Сенька
Senya. Artist teddy bear
(Bears like babies)
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Teddy Bear

Teddy bear can hardly be called a toy. Every Teddy bear is original and unique. Looking at the plush toy it seems that you look into the eyes of a living creature with his own thoughts and feelings — that is the difference between artist bears and their factory-made brothers. Author's work is not only an individual approach, careful performance and consideration of every detail of the exterior of the bear. There is a small piece of human soul and a tiny heart put into a handmade Teddy while the fabric-made bears are sewn automatically.

Each Teddy Bear has its own look by which we can imagine its story, destiny and character. That bear is sailor and this baby-girl is still shy, a fashionista bear is sitting next to a serious bear wearing a sweater, a baby in rompers has just woke up, the baby in cranberry jacket is very smart, Teddy with flowers is in a hurry to his girlfriend, a girl in a flower printed suit is going to be a chef and a bear in a cap is a tough guy... You can keep telling stories just about every furry kid!

Teddy bear is a perfect and unique gift with its special character. Making a request: "teddy bear buy online" or "buy a teddy bear in online shop", remember that a collectible Teddy Bear is an exclusive gift with human soul. Bears are both  designed for admiration and for active children's games as they have a solid structure so you can easily give them to children who are in the process of  getting acquainted with the world.

Shaggy Bears are as children themselves, calling for love and care — the only feelings that appear while looking at them. Once each bear involves the most delicate strings of the soul as their eyes are looking into the very depth of the human heart.

You can order your Teddy bear on our website but remember that every bear is original and unique.


Make this stunning gift to the people you really love and who will appreciate these fascinating and unique animal toys.